UNFESA uses advanced techniques of refrigeration, conservation, handling and storage, guaranteeing the cold chain.


Fruit preservation is done using the ULO technique (Ultra Low Oxigen) or what is the same, with low oxygen level. Smart Fresh technique is also used for apples. All this allows us to store the fruit under conditions that delay the ripening process, as long as possible naturally, always offering fresh look.


In the area of manipulation, which is isolated, we have sorting machines that incorporate selection by color and density, with great capacity to classify the day.

The garment stations are independent, in this way allow the company to work with more quantity of final product if necessary and coordinate according to the orders made. This system is highly flexible and can be adjusted to meet customer needs.


The capacity of UNFESA facilities is 25,000 m3 (6 Mkg) , which is considered sufficient to reduce the time of conditioning of the fruit..