We are committed to quality systems, the production company has been certified, in accordance with the requirements of the Global GAP Standard, ensuring that our production is responsible and balanced sea.

All the interventions are recorded in the logbooks of the farms and in the logs of conservation and analysis of agrochemical residues. Everything is in the purpose of satisfying the customer.

Ultimately, our aim is to establish a system of control and certification of food and agriculture products that guarantee maximum quality and safety to customers, guarantee the traceability of production processes, ensure the protection of the environment and the health of consumers.


Our plantations are located in the municipalities of Lleida: Artesa de Lleida, Corbins, Albesa, Alguaire and Torreserona.

The production process selects the products with a rigorous quality control to obtain a homogeneous product. This production process is defined by the specific Technical Norms for each fruit and with the objective of obtaining an optimum production with the minimum amount of external contributions to the crop, following the field controls.
The system of irrigation is by dripping and micro spraying of high precision. The water supply is adjusted to the tree to produce a harvest of high quality reducing the consumption of water.


One of our objectives is precisely to reduce the impact on the environment using innovative biological control systems of pests reducing the use of phytosanitary products.

UNFESA, a conservative and commercializing company, has been committed from its beginnings to sustainable and environmentally friendly advances, offering a natural and respectful product to the planet.